We provide PreK-12+ students with the tools they need to enhance academic potential and become independent learners who are responsible, motivated, resilient, and proactive.

Working closely with families, schools, and professionals, we craft individualized programs for diverse learners that foster behavioral, emotional, social, and cognitive skills in addition to academic aptitude.

The Collaborative Center for Learning and Development is part of Greenwich Education Group, a full-service educational organization that offers individualized programs to address the academic needs of children at every stage of development.  

Our ability to enhance learning potential and foster emotional wellness is supported by the expertise and resources of the entire GEG community.



FEATURED BLOG POST: Helping Our Children Handle Stress
Help children manage the increased pace and stress of the academic year by planning ahead, being realistic, and maintaining a positive attitude.

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Diane Ferber on welcoming home your college student. Students come home with dirty laundry, a need for sleep, and the insight they need to make adjustments for second semester. We, as parents, usually address only the first two. Gain advice for making the most of this holiday and helping your child adjust to school for the second semester!


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