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+ New at TCC! Special Education Consulting Services

Special Education Consulting Services designed to empower parents and encourage collaboration with a student's school.

  • Review a student's IEP, evaluations and records, and make recommendations for their academic program.
  • Review IEP goals and objectives, given testing recommendations and student needs.
  • Provide support to families navigating the Sped process for the first time.
  • Guide parents through the world of 504's, IEP's, PPT's, interventions and accomodations.

For more information, please call Diane at 203-409-0069.

+ Assessment, Evaluation and Diagnostics

We offer diagnostic and clinical assessments tailored to your child’s needs and your concerns with clear and actionable recommendations. We provide specific strategies, interventions and accommodations for the student, parents and schools. Customized to focus on a single area of concern, or for comprehensive evaluation spanning multiple disciplines, we offer the following types of assessment:

  • Neuropsychological/Psychoeducational (comprehensive or partial) Psychological
  • Social/Emotional/Behavioral (including Functional Behavior Assessments)
  • Educational/Academic
  • Reading, Writing, or Math Specific
  • Executive Function Skills
  • Gifted Program Identification
  • Speech and Language (articulation, expressive/receptive, pragmatics)

+ Executive Functions, Study Skills

Executive functions are the mental processes that are necessary for planning, organizing, strategizing, initiating and sustaining attention, remembering details, managing time and materials, and persisting through setbacks.

Using a customized and structured approach, we leverage scientifically proven methodologies with a coaching approach, which ensures that each student is engaged and immediately applying strategies and skills in relevant areas.

We encourage problem solving, strategies, proven methods and independence.

  • We look at a student’s unique EF profile, and use a student’s strengths to address areas of weakness.
  • For those students that need it, we provide study skills, folder systems, homework structure and other frameworks to help them succeed.
  • We offer Skype sessions with students at college or away at boarding school.
  • We also work with parents on supporting the student at home to effectively and positively navigate homework and organizational challenges.

+ Specialized Standardized Test Prep

We are not simply another test prep center. Our highly qualified tutors and learning specials customize test prep to boost the results for each student, based on his or her learning style.

We coach for the ISEE, SAT, ACT, and some other lesser known standardized tests. In addition to coaching students on test- specific strategies and tricks to best navigate the test format, we:

  • Determine which test will best showcase a student’s abilities
  • Strengthen content areas, identifying and closing gaps
  • Customize our prep for students with specific challenges such as dyslexia, math weaknesses, executive functions challenges
  • Match tutors to each student’s unique learning profile
  • Handle test anxiety with scientifically based strategies
  • Coach each student on how best to use extended time accommodation, based on his/her unique learning profile

Our tutors are certified teachers and/or sped teachers, and we collaborate with learning specialists to help ensure we customize the prep for the specific student. Through Greenwich Education Group, we also offer services to support day/boarding school choice and preparation, and college choice and preparation services.

For more information, please call Brennan at 203-489-5157.

+ Reading & Math Skill Strengthening, Specialized Subject Tutoring

Enhance your student’s learning potential through our individualized, strength-based programs of study and support, including subject tutoring (all grades and levels) and writing. We use your student’s learning profile to help him or her master any curriculum and class. Our tutors are CT certified regular and special education teachers, and work with our team to ensure their instruction is geared to address your child’s individual learning style.

Reading and Writing Skills

For both emerging readers and older students struggling with reading fluency, comprehension or retention, our reading specialists can improve skills and academic performance. Our Orton Gillingham (OG) certified teachers employ multi modal reading instruction customized for your child’s individual needs. We help transform struggling readers into more confident, achieving students.

Our teachers are also able to help even the most resistant students organize their thoughts and get their thinking down on paper, edit their work and improve flow, vocabulary and transition. Working with each student, we can provide strategies, assistive technology, approaches and organizational tools to take the focus off of producing “deliverables” and onto showcasing the student’s quality of thought. We specialize in students with dyslexia, offering multi modal instruction, PAG and Orton Gillingham.

Math Skills

Math is a complex, multi-faceted subject that depends on an intricate array of cognitive, processing, spatial and memory skills. There are many math approaches and programs; the magic happens when a learning specialist is able to draw on elements of each to customize instruction for an individual student struggling with math. We can help all math students learn, even the least confident, at all levels:

  • Elementary, Middle and High School Math
  • Learning differences such as Non Verbal Learning (NVLD), Dyscalcula, weak Working Memory, ADD

Our certified teachers and sped teachers are able to reach each child by leveraging a student’s cognitive strengths, using a variety of visual, language based, and/or multi modal methods, and creating individualized strategies, with sound proven math knowledge and instruction as foundation.

For more information, please call Sarah at 203-409-0069.

+ Anxiety, Emotional Regulation, Resiliency

Psychological counseling and therapy provide a safe space for a child/adolescent to discuss and work through their concerns and challenges. Whether in a 1:1 setting, or in a group with peers experiencing similar difficulties, we provide a safe and supportive environment to learn skills and process setbacks.

For preschool children (Ages 3-5), our early intervention team, through play therapy and behavioral supports, can help them express needs and feelings in positive ways. We work with families to reduce problematic behaviors at home and with peers.

For school-aged children (Ages 5-11), our early intervention team can help with expression of needs and feelings in positive ways through play therapy and behavioral supports. We work with families to reduce problematic behaviors at home and with peers.

For adolescents and young adults (Ages 12-22), our team can provide support in navigating the biological, social, familial changes and life related stressors that occur during this period of developmental change and growth We offer therapeutic support for the following concerns:

  • Anxiety
  • School avoidance, low motivation
  • Stress management
  • Poor coping strategies
  • Emotional regulation
  • Self-concept, self-esteem, self- awareness
  • School stress
  • Typical developmental snags
  • Loss
  • School stressors and transitions - new school, bullying, test anxiety, girl and boy empowerment, social challenges
  • Life stressors and transitions – siblings of children with special needs, children of divorce, children with ill parent, similar situations.
  • Specific learning challenges – ADD, ASD’s, learning challenges

Our team consists of Clinical Psychologists, professional counselors, school psychologists and clinical social workers. We have professionals with diverse experience in relevant disciplines, who work closely with students, schools and parents.

+ Social Skills

For those students at all grade levels that need assistance in forming and developing peer relationships, our programs provide skill instruction and encourage generalization and natural interaction. We work with students one-on-one, in small groups, or at school during recess, lunch and other unstructured coachable periods.

Specific skills addressed include:

  • Verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Turn taking
  • Social nuances
  • How to identify peers with similar interests
  • How to join and leave a group
  • How to conduct a play date
  • How to self-advocate
  • How to encourage reciprocity of information, interests and activities
  • How to process interactions from another point of view

We also run PEERS, an evidence-based, parent-assisted social skills group treatment. PEERS is the only social skills group for teenagers that is supported by clinical evidence of its long-term effectiveness. This 14 week program is ideal for teens (ages 11 to 17) who want to make and keep friends- and the parents who want to learn to coach their teens to help them improve friendships.

Our team includes clinical psychologists, school psychologists, SLPs, behaviorists, clinical social workers. We match up the right clinician for each student.

+ Speech and Language

Communication skills are a crucial component of a child’s academic and social success, but they can be difficult and frustrating for many struggling students to develop, practice and use.

Our approach is family centered, and brings a child’s family and school into the treatment plan. We identify areas of difficulty, strengthen skills, and help remediate any challenges. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Evaluations (Full, or Articulation focused, Pragmatics focused)
  • Articulation and Pronunciation
  • Receptive and Expressive Language
  • Pragmatic Social Communication
  • Syntax and Grammar
  • Speech Fluency
  • Specific Sounds and letter Blends
  • Organizing Speech and Stories
  • Creating and supporting IEP objectives and goals

Our experienced team holds ASHA certification, and maintains the ASHA Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC). All clinicians are Connecticut certified.

+ Behavior Support, Early Intervention

For children and teens who have difficulty with flexible thinking, coping with change and transitions, regulating their emotions when upset or excited, controlling their impulses or engaging in non-preferred tasks, we offer:

  • Behavior Assessment
  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) to pinpoint the cause of behaviors and determine replacement behaviors and strategies Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) to address concerns as a student grows and develops
  • Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS) to assess language, guide instruction and skill acquisition
  • Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports
  • Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA), a scientifically validated approach that can significantly improve behaviors, provide skills, and decrease maladaptive behaviors.
  • Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT)
  • Incidental Teaching Strategies
  • Consultation and Collaborative Models with home, school, and outside professionals
  • Our BCBAs and ABA therapists use multiple therapeutic techniques based on your child’s age and specific needs. For Early Intervention services, we will come into your home or work with a child at school, and can integrate our services with our SLP.

+ Transitional Academic Programs

The Collaborative Center creates 1:1 and small group customized programs to address the individual needs of students in transition and create opportunities for growth. We specialize in addressing the needs of students who may require a little more support and nurturing. We help students catch up, exceed expectations, get ready for their next placement, gain confidence, self advocate, develop self esteem, and get excited about learning.

We can also assess a students current academic levels and achievement and identify barriers, allowing the creation of customized strategies for academic, social and emotional success.

Our students:

  • Are not succeeding in current placement
  • Are Transitioning between schools *Are seeking accommodations for special scheduling (medical concerns, other obligations)
  • Require diagnostic understanding of learning profile or challenge
  • Need support to close academic or skill gaps
  • Need an individualized, emotionally supportive, academic option
  • Require a restoration of confidence and a rekindled love of learning
  • Are school avoidant

Our uniquely individualized programs can include academic components (grade level, remediation, acceleration), clinical components (counseling, emotional regulation, behavior, esteem), and social components (social skills groups, 1:1, pragmatic language). Our team of special educators, counselors and coaches become part of a student's customized experience.