We offer specialized instruction and support for Social Skills, Executive Functions, Social/Emotional/Behavioral Regulation and Test Taking, in recognition of the importance of nurturing the development of these skills.

  • Social Skills – We provide direct instruction and groups for practice, modeling and generalizing the tools that enable your child to interact with his or her world. These skills do not come naturally to all students, and in particular, children who exhibit learning differences. Difficulty with greetings, pragmatic social language, eye contact, looking and listening, starting and maintaining conversations, appropriate proximity, sharing, reading body language, asking for help, empathy, competition and compromising can create problems for students of all ages. By middle and high school, the more complex social world requires even more skills and strategies. We can work with your student here 1:1 and in groups, and can provide support at school during lunch and recess if needed.
  • Executive Functions – Higher order executive functions that involve filtering, monitoring, analysis, planning, problem-solving and decision making impact a student’s attention, work completion, learning, memory and ultimately, academic achievement, emotional regulation, family dynamics around homework, and social interactions. With your student’s full engagement, we customize a program around your student’s organizational profile, time management, study skills, long term project planning, homework completion, and study habits.
  • Social/Emotional/Behavioral (including Functional Behavior Assessments)
  • Test taking and studying strategies – For many children, study skills and test taking strategies do not come easily; we work with students on their own specific learning style, helping them to read and outline texts, boost memory, handle homework, prioritize, approach long term projects and papers, take notes, organize their studying efforts, handle text taking anxiety, and leverage what they are good at to improve their test taking success.