Students of All Levels • Group, 1:1 & Parent Programs

Session 1: June 26 - July 21 • Session 2: July 24 - August 18
Students are welcome to attend for a full day or partial day.




Jumpstart your student’s success! Get a head start on the transition to the next school level. Taught by certified teachers.

  • Jumpstart K-1 reinforces key academic, social, and emotional skills.
  • Jumpstart Middle School reinforces key study skills, self-advocacy, and academic skills.
  • Jumpstart High School reinforces key academic, executive function, and coping skills.
  • Jumpstart College helps prepare students for a different academic and study approach, independent living, and executive functions strategies.

Student Social Clubs use common interests and our trained staff to forge friendships with like-minded peers! Separated by age and by interest. Groups meet once or twice per week for each session.

  • Little Ones' Lunch Social Play Group – Join our SLP every day at noon to work on sharing, pragmatics, taking turns, and verbal/non-verbal communication.
  • Reading Club – Read and discuss books chosen by the group, strengthening comprehension skills while having fun with our literary specialist.
  • Science Club – Explore the world of science. For older kids interested in hands-on experiments.
  • Journaling Club – Express yourself! For kids interested in writing and sharing ideas.
  • Arts & Crafts and Scrapbooking – Immerse yourself in group-generated creative activities.
  • Floral Design – Learn how to create beautiful bouquets. Taught by a professional flower arranger turned reading specialist!
  • Legos Club – Build towers while strengthening social, expressive, imaginative, and cooperative skills.
  • Zentangle – Relax with friends and be mindfully, intentionally creative!
  • Minecraft, EU, Gaming Club – Get your game on! Co-moderated by a college student.
  • Culinary Arts – Enjoy baking and/or cooking with peers. 

Social-Emotional Support can be provided in our peer groups, organized around specific developmental stages or life events.

  • Siblings of Children with Special Needs
  • Children Impacted by Divorce
  • Social Skills – Pragmatics & Perspective Taking
  • Customized groups can be formed around your child’s needs/interests

Academic Skill Groups help students strengthen key skill areas in Writing, Math, and Reading. Group sessions can be augmented by private tutoring. Students are grouped by age/level.

Homework Packet Completion – Avoid the drama of students waiting for the last week in August; let our teachers help your student work through their summer packets.

Executive Functions and Study Skills Boot Camps help students problem solve and create strategies for areas of struggle while developing and sharpening studying, note taking, and test preparation abilities. Boot camps meet for 6 days over two weeks in groups of 1 to 3 students.

  • EF Boot Camp (8th-12th grades) Session 1: July 3-July 13; Session 2: July 17-July 27
  • Study Skills Boot Camp (4th-7th grades) Session 1: July 3-July 13; Session 2: July 17-July 27; Session 3: July 31-August 10



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Sessions run on Tuesdays at 9:00am or 5:00pm.

  • June 27: Birth to 5 typical development, and what to look for (for parents and educators)
  • July 11: Standardized testing: understanding the process, scores, strategies, and customized preparation
  • July 18: Understanding and managing test and performance anxiety
  • July 25: Managing problematic behavior, K through adolescents
  • Aug. 1: Speech and language: developmental milestones, what to look for
  • Aug. 8: Teasing and bullying
  • Aug. 15: Understanding assessment reports and implementing recommendations
  • Aug. 29: Executive functions and how to support their development in your student


Allows students to strengthen skills, close gaps, get ahead!

  • Reading 1:1 tutoring to strengthen fluency, decoding, and comprehension for students of all levels. Intensive reading intervention available. Emerging reader skills also offered.
  • Math 1:1 tutoring to strengthen problem solving, math fact automaticity, and key concepts needed for higher level scaffolding in the next grade.
  • Customized standardized test prep to provide each student with individualized strategies and approaches for success, combining GEG’s excellence in test strategies and content with TCC’s specialty of working with students with LDs, dyslexia, high anxiety, and extended time.
  • Coaching and counseling for students using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), talk therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), as well as sand tray, art therapy, baking therapy, play therapy, and other specific approaches.
  • Assessments to identify barriers to learning, communication, and social success are conducted over the summer in a more relaxed atmosphere, providing insight and actionable recommendations that will be available for September’s transition back to school.


Our offerings are priced by class, to allow a customized program around your student’s summer schedule and family plans.

Group Programs:
Jumpstart: $75 per class ($55 for K-1 students)
Social Clubs: $60 per class ($40 for K-1 students); includes all materials, except your laptop and lunch!
Social-Emotional Support: $100 per session Homework Packet Completion: $50 per class
EF & Study Skills Boot Camp: $550 per session (6 classes)

Parent Education Series: Free of charge, advance registration requested

1:1 Student Sessions: Prices Vary